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How to integrate Babylon with Google Chrome?

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How to integrate Babylon with Google Chrome?

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Go to the official web page, click the Download - Free Version button and save the file to your computer. Open the installer, select the desired language and a destination directory, click Next and Check the Custom Install box instead of Quick Install. Here you have the possibility to integrate the application with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Check only Google Chrome boxes and press the Continue button. Choose if you want to install the PC Performer tool and click again Continue. After you receive the Babylon installed successfully! message press the Done button.

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Babylon installed successfully!

Congratulations! you've become yet another dumbass that fell for this. Babylon products like toolbar mostly come bundled with another "free" program that is bundled with this, along with some adware and making your anti-virus get Trojan alarms, but they will tell you it's "a false positive". That's a good one. Try uninstalling the toolbar, it's impossible because it's designed to be like this. it hijacks the homepage and shoves adware garbage to your face.

And this is not the worst one. Sweetpacks addon that also comes bundled with other software (because no sane person willingly installs it, so they force it to you) and is an actual virus.
Cnet is the worst offender in this, literred with adware, every install is bundled with the adware ****. You also have to use their "download manager", which installs more **** and the actual thing you wanted is the last to be installed as a cherry on top.
How can you tolerate being treated like **** and spat on

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