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Server computer crashed and I can't access the hard drive.

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The server computer broke down and it's the one with Wintegrate data. I tried to put the hard-drive on slave, but it wasn't recognized by any other computer whether running Winows XP or Windows Vista. When I put the hard-drive back in the original computer, a message appeared that stated that it could not find the hard-drive, then on a subsequent attempt asked to press F1 to ship the hard-drive?! What is going on? I've taken the device back to the store where it was bought, but the technicians couldn't recover any of the data. What can I do? I really need the data from the hard-drive.

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Before you connect the hard-drive to another computer, you need to check the other hard-drive to be on master. This might be the reason why the computer can't read it. Use another cable to connect the hard-drive. The cable might be the problem. If you still can't solve this problem, take the drive to another service. The hard-drive might be the reason why the server crashed in the first place and it could be seriously damaged.

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