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Can we see on Viber someone else's conversations on our Android phone?

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My best friends found some Viber conversations on her husband's Android phone with some other woman. When she asked him about it he has told that he has NO knowledge of it and that he has NEVER had conversations with this person. We just want to find out if he is telling the truth:

Please let us know if:

  • I can have contacts appearing on my Viber contact list without adding them personally?
  • I can see other people's (outsiders) Viber conversations on my Android phone?

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If your Viber was reinstalled in the past, it's possible that the messages were kept as a backup and when the new installation took place, Viber restored those messages. You can't have contacts on your Viber if you don't add them to the contact list of your phone. This is the way Viber works with contacts. It's possible to view past conversations if the message history is saved as a backup. Viber might recognize the history and add it to the message list.

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