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What is Pinfi Parite?

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What does this do? I know it can infect all your .exe files but for what? I recently had this on my PC but other than scans that notified me of its existence I did not notice any difference on my PC.
I did ultimately have to reinstall the operating system but still want to know what this virus actually does beyond just invading executable files.

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It can eventually mess with your EXE files in such way that none of them will work anymore, as it modifies them when it attaches itself to them. That might make you lose a lot of data and eventually have to format and reinstall the system (there are important EXE system files, just think of explorer.exe and so on, that once infected&modified, could easily lead to entire system failure/crashes/etc). It also can make some of the infected files consume a lot of additional disk space. It can have different effects, depending on various criteria.

Here's a short description:

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