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Jewish calendar for a non-profit organization.

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I work for a non profit organization and we are looking to use a calendar in which we can insert events including birthdays and anniversaries. We want these events to be reoccurring from year to year. We, however, go according the to the Jewish calendar. If for example we enter a birthday, which falls out today, Feb 5th, the Hebrew date is the 5th of Adar. Next year these 2 dates won't coincide, and we need our events to fall out on the same Hebrew date from year to year. Do you have a calendar with this capability?

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In order to find an application with the mentioned features, use the Software Informer's database. By doing this, you can obtain a download link for the programs in the database and read a small description for them. I suggest you take a look at Hebrew Calendar. This is a freeware tool that stores your data and will notify you about the future events every year.

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