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How can I convert .cdg files to .avi files on my Macintosh computer?

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I am unable to find a video converter for my Mac that will allow me to convert .cdg to .avi files. Does anyone know a good program for the job?

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For this task you will need two videos converters. First is
AVS Video Converter that enables you to convert from .cdg to formats such as wmv, mpg, mov, mpeg4, 3gp, mp3, divx, xvid, avc, m4v, mpeg2, swf. You can find more information about this program at

For the second converter you will need an application that allows you to convert one of the formats earlier mentioned to avi. Such a program is
Boilsoft Video Converter. You can find more information about this product at

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AVS video editor WILL allow you to convert straight to .avi (in windows you will need to change the theme under personalisation to windows basic).

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The "key" part of his question here is....... FOR MAC!

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