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Deleting pre-installed apps in Asha 501.

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I am using Nokia Asha 501. I want to delete pre-installed apps/games in my phone. Please tell me a software or a way.

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When it comes to Nokia phones, there isn't a way to remove built-in apps because there aren't tools and ways to do it except flashing and flashing can be dangerous to your phone because it can brick it making the phone totally unusable.

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Can you explain which software o have to use?
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Delete pre-installed Apps and Games...
You need to find the Apps or Games name to delete it. So first you need to make backup file of apps and games.

After it rename backup file with MiniCommander or BlueFTP (.NBF to .zip) and open this zip file by BlueFTP or MiniCommander. Inside this zip file, open PredefJava > Collections. There you will find many folders like cherryAPSprivate, oviprivate, facebookprivate etc extract them all and exit the file manager app.
Then open the extracted folders and get your desired apps or games name.
Now copy any file (image/tone) in memory card, and rename it CherryAPS( This is an example for the app named My Nokia) by MiniCommander or BlueFTP or any file manager. After that exit the file manager app.
NOTE: Don't keep (
private) extension while renaming.
Then go to memory card and rename (cherryAPS to cherryAPS.jar).
Now mark it and move it to collections or games or where your app exists. (Do not move directly, just mark and move). You will see - "Item already exist".
Now go to the folder where your app or game exist and go to option and mark, this time your desired app/game will be marked and can be deleted. Follow the same process to delete other apps/games

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