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Radeonator 2.0 fails across the board.

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I have the Radeonator downloaded in my Dell with Windows XP and my Radeon 9250. No matter what I do, I keep getting the error that it can't find or load (I forget at this point, I'm so pissed), the r6***.sys file. I am sure you know what error I am talking about because in the Help file that came with it, the problem and 2 solutions to fix it is in your FAQ section. But no matter what I do, even after trying your solutions, and even after going into my registry and adding full permission across the board to all the registry, I still get that GD error. I am not on the net with that computer, so I have no firewalls and trash to stop it from showing. What is the problem or do I simply yank it out of my system and cuss Radeonator for being a joke at this point? All systems in my computer work flawlessly, and I have no problems with anything but with this program.

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The problem is that your card is not supported. This application uses certain files for other video cards. You should avoid using it to prevent damage to your computer or graphic card.

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When I installed it,it asked what card I had and it had a place for the Radeon 9200 series. Now,unless I am mistaken,that series includes my card as well,but none the worry.I found a program that works.I've liquid cooled my devices and all is well.

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