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How do I uninstall Internet Updater? I think it's some kind of adware or malware.

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Parallel lines Internet Updater was installed on my computer without my permission while I was trying to install other software. While it was installing itself, it did not give me an option to cancel or stop the installation. It also does not give me an option anywhere on my computer to uninstall it. I had to go into my Control Panel and uninstall it that way. However, after I uninstalled it, I started getting this administrator request every time I start up my computer asking me if it is OK for setup.exe to run and install Internet Updater. I pressed no and it still keeps popping up every time I start my computer. So, I went ahead and pressed OK, so that I may try to uninstall it again under my Control Panel or find another way to permanently uninstall it.

I also discovered that every time this request pops up, it claims the file is in a different directory that my computer says does not exist when I try to track it down. I do not, and never wanted this software as it was installed as a "package" along with other programs. I did not have an option to say no to. However, all the other programs that were installed were able to be deleted successfully and have not given me any problems since that. This Internet Updater acts like malware and is causing problems with my computer and its performance. Please tell me how can I permanently delete it and completely remove it from my computer.

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To remove the application simply download Combofix and run the saved package. Based on the infection level the process could take from a few to several minutes. While the scanning is in progress, the computer might restart as many times it's necessary. At the end of the scanning phase, a log will be presented. Most likely, Internet Updater should be removed without problems.

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