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Do I need to buy an updated version all the time to keep up, or, will there be free updates (until next major version e.g. 1.4, 2.0)?

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What drivers do I need to get my Asus computer to play Blu-ray discs?

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You don't need to buy every update of the application. From the moment of purchase you are entitled to update it every time it receives and update from its developer.

To play Blu-ray discs on your Asus computer, you will need a compatible BD-ROM device (Blu-ray DVD-ROM) that can be purchased from Amazon or NewEgg websites. You don't need drivers, only an application that is capable of playing these discs. You can try VLC to play the discs.

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i want to stop and uninstall all free iso burner without having update screens everytime i start my computer

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Once you buy the product, you will benefit from updates until the product reaches end-of-life but this can only happen when the developers cease support.

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