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Why can't my 27-inch Mac play the Blu-ray disc "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy"?

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I've recently got a present of a Blu-ray disc "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy",but my Mac can't play it. Why?

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There are some software solutions out there, but I haven't tried most of them myself (I'm sure a helpful spammer will come along hawking their wares shortly). VLC Player will actually play some non-commercials sometimes, and sometimes not. It might be worth a shot. Another one is Blu-ray media player from Macgo which is an excellent Blu-ray player at the same time. But the first thing you’ll need is an external Blu-ray drive. There are several available including models from Buffalo, Samsung, LG, ASUS and Sony.

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I guess the main reason is your Blu-ray Player software has some codec problems with certain discs, can you play other blu-ray discs with this player? Actually, you can download and try Mac blu-ray Player, which can play most blu-ray discs smoothly.

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It is very possible that your Mac is not equipped with a Blu-ray compatible device. In this case, Apple Store is the only destination you can visit to replace the built-in DVD hardware with Blu-Ray one or you could buy a Blu-Ray Disc Player from the Amazon or Ebay or any other IT shop.

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Macgo Mac Blu-Ray works really fine for me on my 27″ iMac 2011 with HD6970. I try about 10 BR (Thor, The Avengers, Arietty, Iron Sky, Star Wars, BBC Earth, …), and nothing except for Star Wars that stars just after the fading text in the beginning (strange). But no big deal.

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