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I'm unable to play my Blu-ray disc on my computer. How to solve this?

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My computer does have a drive which could read CD/DVD. But when I want to use it to play a new released Blu-ray movie, it won't work. What to do to enable it? I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate.

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You'll need to buy a compatible Blu-Ray DVD-ROM device. You can get an internal or external one. You can visit your local IT shop to ask for one then you can use the applications on Software Informer to look for a compatible Blu-Ray player.

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To get a Blu-ray external driver to afford your DVDs. In addition, you can have a try to get a third party program named Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper to rip your BDs to playable format like MP4 so that you can play the BDs anywhere.

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Maybe you don't know that your system Windows 7 can't support Blu-ray playback natively without any other codecs. The best answer is you need install Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player which won't cost you much and completely solve your Blu-ray trouble.

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