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Multiple uses for StickySorter in a single session.

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Can StickySorter be used by a group that is not located all together in one room? Is there a way to transfer control (temporarily) to remote users so they can add new Stickies, edit existing Stickies, and more importantly - move Stickies and stacks from their remote computers?

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StickySorter is an application that can be used locally. This means it doesn't have multi-user/multi-session support. However, you can set up a remote server using Teamviewer and then give access to your students using the given ID and password generated by the application. Multiple users can connect to the "server" but the keyboard and mouse is shared across all the devices. Only one user needs to modify the stickies at a time. Teamviewer is free to use and install and can be used freely for personal interests.

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