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Adobe Dreamweaver keeps freezing on my PC, what might be the cause?

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Adobe Dreamweaver keeps freezing on my PC. I used CS6, I installed CS5 but still the problem persists. What might be the cause of this? I'm forced to use Notepad now. This is kinda cool too, but I like Dreamweaver more.

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There are several things that can cause this. It's advised to check if your PC meets the System Requirements of the software. To do that, you can visit the following website. Be aware not to save and use the root for your site on a shared driver. If you are using a shared driver, try changing the location to My Documents for example. This might fix your problem. Also, disabling the Related files option can fix this. To do that, go to Preferences -> General and you either turn off "Enable Related Files" or set "Discover Dynamically-Related Files" to Disabled.

For more information regarding this issue, you can visit the following forum.

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