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All I see on my laptop is a black screen. There is no image.

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My HP Pavilion DV4 laptop screen is black. Previously, I tried to connect with desktop at that time it was working. After some weeks, there is no display of the desktop. I tried to remove and reinstall the RAM by displacing their places, but still no result. What can you advise me to do to solve my problem?

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This could be caused by multiple factors:

Firstly, you can try to connect the laptop to a monitor to see if the graphics card is working. After you turn on your laptop, try pressing Fn + F4 to switch the display from the laptop to the monitor.

Secondly, try to open the screen to a wider or smaller angle than 90 before pressing the power button. This is a common possible issue for laptops.

Also, you can check out information on HP Forum 1 and HP Forum 2 for additional details.

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