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How can I confgure WiFi on my Nokia N95?

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I'm finding troubles in installing WIFI on my phone. I thought that the problem may be the mobile version but it's not. Can you help?

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To configure WiFi on your Nokia N95 you must follow these steps:

  1. Access Menu-Tools-Settings-Connection-Access Points.
  2. Select 3G/GPRS.
  3. Click on Options to add new access point and go to New access point.
  4. Select Wireless LAN and click OK.
  5. Also select Enter manually and click OK.
  6. Enter these settings:
    Connection name: ABC
    Data bearer: Wireless LAN
    WLAN netw. name:ABC
    Network status: Public
    WLAN netw. mode: Infrastructure
    WLAN security mode: Open network

Click on Options and Exit once done. You create an wireless profile named ABC. Click on Options and Exit to go the default front page. If the wireless service is available at your location, it will appear 'ABC found'.

Now you can connect to an available WiFi network.

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