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The network type changed.

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I have a ZTE internet Telcel Banda Ancha Movil "stick", and a couple of days ago the "network type" (shown at the bottom, left of the start up window) changed to EDGE. It had previously always been some network starting with an "H" (I regret I never wrote it down before, because it was never a problem before). My connection is now so slow, I have to wait up to 2 or 3 minutes for my Facebook page to populate. Any time I try to do anything on the Internet, i.e., refresh other pages, look at my Yahoo email, do Google searches, etc., it takes absolutely forever. It's driving me nuts. Can someone please explain the differences in Network Types so when I go to complain at Telcel, I can try to make some sense to them? I pay for 5G a month, and rarely use even half that much each month.

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The problem could be caused by network coverage and your location. Depending on the connection speed, there are the following connection types:

  • GPRS with a maximum of 114kbps
  • Edge with a maximum of 400 kbps (in reality, the providers provide only half this speed)
  • 3G with a maximum speed of 384kbps.
  • HSPA+ with a maximum of 14.4Mbps and 21Mbps.
  • 4G/LTE with a maximum of 160Mbps

Try contacting the carrier support for more information related to this issue.

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