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How to access Gallery Lock when "Stealth mode" is enabled?

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How to access Gallery Lock when "Stealth mode" is enabled? Please help me!

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Unlock your screen and open up the dialer. Dial 3333, then you will enter the Gallery Lock's menu from where you can access all the settings and locked items.

asked Feb 19, 2015
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Gallery Lock problems
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No you don't understand. The entire application is gone, along with my private pics. There is no application icon to open up.
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Previous answer is older. New way to enter it is [ * + PIN + dial. ]

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But in the latest version the stealth mode feature just disappeared
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It is not working please do the needful. *+pin+ this only.i have kept my imp data plz help to open in a stealth mode

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gallery lock stealth mode is not working not opning app

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Go to Device administrator in your phone settings and click Activate.
Then try ur password with a * in front.

It works. You people should buy me a treat. Bcos i got this perfect answer for you.

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No. It didn't work Dude. Thanks for trying though.

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Not recovering media files, how can I get it,

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