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Corrupted .html fire recovery

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I had a file with .html extension. When I open the file I could see all small rectangular boxes which are unreadable characters and no code inside the file.

Could you please help me to get back my code file?

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Right click the file and select Open With. From the opened window, select Notepad or your favorite HTML editor and next time you will open the file, the code will be displayed entirely.

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Hi Alex Urbach,

I tried according to your suggestion but it seems like my file was corrupted. Do we have any possibilities of getting my code back. I tried opening the file in editplus, notepad++. In editplus it shows all rectangular boxes and in notepad++ it shows NULLNULLNULL.........
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If that's the whole text displayed in the file, then I am afraid you can't do anything with the file. Try downloading the HTML file again or code it again. Is not possible?

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