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I want to read SEMCAD files in Matlab.

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I want to read SEMCAD files in Matlab. Can you suggest what can I do about this?

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The developers of Semcad don't say if the file types used by the program are or aren't compatible with Matlab. However, you should read about importing data and the scientific data function, especially h5read function that is provided by Matlab program, on the official website.

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A switch block conditionally executes one set of statements from several choices. Each choice is covered by a case statement.
An evaluated switchexpression is a scalar or string.
An evaluated case
expression is a scalar, a string or a cell array of scalars or strings.
The switch block tests each case until one of the cases is true. A case is true when:
• For numbers, eq(caseexpression,switchexpression).
• For strings, strcmp(caseexpression,switchexpression).
• For objects that support the eq function, eq(caseexpression,switchexpression).
• For a cell array caseexpression, at least one of the elements of the cell array matches switchexpression, as defined above for numbers, strings and objects.
When a case is true, MATLAB executes the corresponding statements and then exits the switch block.
The otherwise block is optional and executes only when no case is true.

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