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Is there a way to insert pauses at certain punctuation marks in text?

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Is there a way to insert pauses at certain punctuation marks in text?

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No, the pauses can be inserted only between sentences. Go to Options > Settings > Pauses and enter a value in the Pauses between sentences and Pauses between paragraphs fields. The value of 0 means no pause. Press the F1 key to open to user guide for further information.

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Yes, there is a way

Using the prononciation correction tool, add a silence to that punctiation mark's prononciation.

I wanted Balabolka to pause when encountering "—" in the text so I edited the prononciation ( Ctrl+P ) to define in the dictionnairy:

—=< silence msec="400"/>
[no space between < and silence, but without it it doen't show in my post]

and now Balabolka makes a small pause rather than going right to the next word...

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I can't use those two answer ,but I find an other way you can use ctlr+alt+x to add pause between text (words)
and it is free , good job , thanks a lot

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I didn't understand, what did you mean with "ctlr+alt+x to add pause between text (words)"?
Where did you use it in Balabolka?

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