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Can I download Starry Night again?

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In February 2013 I ordered Starry Night Pro Plus 6.4.3 only for downloading. The program is now in an impossible to use state (in the middle of the opening process the program stopped while "Finishing Initialization"), so I have deleted Starry Night Pro Plus 6.4.3 from my desktop. At time of ordering I did not ordered an installation disc.

I want to restore the program. What do I have to do to download Starry Night Pro Plus 6.4.3 again? Also, I wish to receive the installation disc if it's possible.

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You will need to purchase the application again now instead of downloading choose the backup DVD as option. This is the third option from the store website. Scroll download until you can see the methods of delivery menu.

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It was not so simple as you proposed.I have ordered it,but there was asking for a coupon note.In ordering in Februari 2013 I had a coupon note,but these one is lost.So at first I have to pay the full amount of the Starry Night program,Simulation Curriculum will refund the amount on my Visa account minis the prize of the CD rom.So still a happy ending.

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