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I have some important questions about SAAM.

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I am a graduate student in NUAA of China. Now I want to know the details about SAAM, and I want to buy it if necessary. Thanks for answering my questions below.

Questions 1: I want to know when we use SAAM, whether SAAM could lead or import new data and local data(such as Chinese civil aviation data)?

Questions 2: What platform does SAAM is used for developing? What platform does SAAM operate on? Can we secondary develop SAAM?

Questions 3: What are the detailed functions about SAAM? If you could give me some files or information about SAAM, it will be very useful.

Questions 4: If I want to buy SAAM, what should I do ?

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The SAAM software is developed by EUROCONTROL (The European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation) and it can create/change/design both air traffic route networks, including CDR operation, and any airspace volume shape in 3D. Full 4D trajectories, based on any traffic demand (past, current or future) can be generated and applied on any airspace structure states.

You can visit the official website of the program and you can read the following brochure. If you want to purchase the software you have to contact the development company.

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