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My CDB5490U does not work properly

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I was measuring the PIN 1 and 2 of the CS5490 in my CDB5490U with an oscilloscope and the LCD display stopped showing measures.

When I try to connect with the CS5490 Evaluation GUI software, the program says that **DEVICE: Unknown CHIP ID ** in red letters.

Can you help me in order to find the problem? Is it possible to repair the Engineering Board?

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It is possible that the CHIP is not supported by the tools you measure its parameters. In this case, try to consult the manual for supported devices and procedures. If you have any drivers available on the Support CD, install them and repeat the procedure. If you have the skills to repair electronic devices, you need to get the circuit schema before attempting to fix something.

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Thank you very much,

I have the circuit scheme and I will try to change the CS5490 in my CDB5490U.

Ignacio Julve

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