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How to start the scanner?

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Having mislaid my instructions for my OVT scanner I can't remember how to access it on my computer. Can you help?

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If you have the cd-rom provided along with the scanner you can use it and reinstall the drivers for the scanner.

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One user posted information about a procedure that worked to start the scanner. I recommend you check the following link to see exactly how he did it.

To summarize the steps:

  1. Install the modules and the WDM Capture driver.
  2. Start the preferred image editor.
  3. Start the AV310P AVM, then a new app called AMCAP will also start.
  4. Select OVT Scanner from Devices.
  5. Select Video Capture Filters from Options.
  6. Add the following data to filters:

    Bright: 0
    COnt: 149
    Hue: 0
    Sat: 179
    Sharp: 201
    EXP: 17 (recommended)

You can find more information on the page.

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