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Price for Music Composer Pro.

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I am very frustrated. I gladly paid the $12.99 for Music Composer Pro. Then, on my billing (from Google Store), I saw that I was being charged $99! What happened?
Of course, assuming I had missed some kind of "deal", I immediately, requested refund for which I was granted.
Now, I see Music Composer Pro is still listed for $12.99!!! Which is it?
I still want the app (especially if $12.99 is a real price) even though I have been "blacklisted" from being able to re-download that file.

1.) Is Music Composer Pro (actually) available for $12.99?
2.) Would it be possible for me to re-download with the assurance that I am not to be over-charged, later?

I could REALLY use that app.

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Music Composer Pro is now called Ensemble Composer and indeed its price is the same, somewhere around 12 $. This is the real price of the application. However, if you can't buy it anymore, create another Google account, add it to phone, and use that account to browse the store and buy it from its application's page at Google Play. This is the final price of the app. What happened to you must have been an error or something. The real price is 12 $.

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