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I want to buy a copy of this game, to run on Windows 8. Is it possible?

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I have an old disc which no longer works. I really want another one. Please advise if this is possible.

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The official website is down so you can't buy the game from them anymore. You can try to find a version to purchase from a retail website like Amazon. However, this is an old game from the 1990s that was released for Windows 95 and Windows 98. Due to this, it's very possible that you won't be able to run it on Windows 8. You can try to install it using compatibility features. To do that, press the Windows key to enter the menu and in the search bar type run program. Open the Run programs made for previous versions of Windows service and follow the steps provided.

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Yes you can. Firstly find a game CD, Microsoft sold this game to Electric Arts. EA started to sell this game in 2003. Probably you can find this game in used market or Amazon if you are lucky. Then since this game is based on Windows 95, you need to update DirectX. Microsoft Knowlege DB is unlink the patch. SO you need to find a DirectX10a.exe somewhere in the internet archive.

Then you can run this game in Windows8.

I have done this procedure for Japanese version, so I hope you could do so in English version.

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