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How do I recover deleted pictures from my Android phone?

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I deleted my important pictures on my Android phone by fault. How could I get them? Please reply!

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If fortunately, you have backed up your photographs in Google Photo/Google Drive, then you can simply open it, go to the "Trash" and choose the photos that you've backed up and tapped on the "Restore" option, which is incredibly convenient to recover deleted pictures from Android phone.
1.This method is only useful for the data that have been deleted within 60 days.
2.Be sure that the option "Backup &sync" in the "Settings" of Google Photo has been turned on.

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About How do I recover deleted pictures from my Android phone? The best solution is to use FoneDog toolkit to recover your deleted pictures.
The possibility of successful photos recovery actually depends on whether the photos have been overwritten or not. Namely, if they were completely overwritten, they will not be recovered ever. Please stop using the smartphone or set the phone into Airplane mode in case that your photos get overwritten. The more you use the phone, the more it overwrites the data.
Accidentally deleted photos from our Android Phone and then desperately want to find out how to recover deleted photos on Android. Don't panic. We will help you get deleted photos back on Android Phone. It's not that hard. With the right Android recovery software, we can recover deleted Android photos just with a few clicks.
FoneDog - Android Data Recovery provides you with the best way to recover deleted photos on Android Phone:
Step 1: Download and Install FoneDog - Android Data Recovery
Step 2: Connect your Phone to PC and Select “Data Recovery”
Step 3: Enable USB Debugging
Step 4: Select File Type and Recovery Mode
Setp 5: Preview and Recover Deleted Photos from your Android Phone
See the complete guide:
How to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Pictures from Android Phones
Easily & Quickly Recover Deleted Photos on Android

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Actually, the lost files didn’t really get deleted. They are just technically marked for deletion and invisible to us. To find those invisible files, you have to take advantage of Android Data Recovery tool to complete the job.
FoneDog Android Data Recovery is suitable for recovering pictures from both Android phones and tablets, like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Google, LG, Huawei and others. This easy-to-use Android data recovery software allows you to recover lost photos in 3 simple steps: connect device to PC, scan lost files and recover files. If you prefer a super easy way to get back your pictures, this software can be one of the ideal choices.

Step 1. Connect Android to PC
Step 2. Allow for USB Debugging
Step 3. Choose File Types of lost or pictures to Recover
Step 4. Preview and Recover pictures from Android

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The easy way to recover deleted pictures from your Android phone is using pro Android data recovery software. With its help, we can easily access deleted pictures on Android phone and get them back without backup.

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Took phone to metro pcs the manager deleted all my pictures. Please help find my pictures. I

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