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I just want to know where does MAC INFORMER APP keep the downloaded files on my System??

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Pertaining to iAntivirus which it downloaded and I cancelled the Installation as it was an older version but in Informer was turning up as an Update.
I'm not able to find the file which the Informer downloaded. Please help as the files are stacking up!

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The downloaded files are saved to /Users/%YourUserName%/Library/Application Support/MacInformer/updates

They're usually deleted as soon as you cancel the update or when Mac Informer finishes updating your apps, so the folder should, as a rule, be empty.

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That's interesting - I came here to see if I could find out why the directory  /Users/%YourUserName%/Library/Application Support/MacInformer/updates was stuffed full of .dmg files, as I supposed that they ought to be automatically deleted after updating.

Many times - more often than not - updating could not be achieved via the Mac Informer app. Would I be right in guessing that in these circumstances the dmg.file downloaded via Mac Informer would remain abandoned and undeleted in the "updates" directory?

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