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Running shipping report of PickPro

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How can I run a shipping report using 8am to 8am a 1st 2nd, 3rd report (instead of a 12am to 12am report, which is a 3rd, 1st, 2nd report)? It should not line up with all other existing reports. I have no time frame to key, just dates. Currently running with two dates and manually deleting loads not within the time frame.

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The PickPro Terminal application isn't available anymore. The software discontinued the application and released other applications related to truck management, shipping, and reporting. You can use the official website to get information related to the new products using the following URL: Billing Software

Secondly, if you have the software, press F1 or go to Help > Contents and search for "reports". This should display all the possible reporting operations available within the application.

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