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I have no sound on my Android tablet. How can I restore sound functionality?

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It was working, and one day it just stopped. Doesn't make any clicking noise, or play music, which is a big deal, because I produce and edit the music I make using my tablet. So with no sound, it's like a lame computer with no audio. If anyone knows anything, even if it doesn't seem like a correct answer, could you still write it, because I'd like to be able to make music again as soon as possible.

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Most likely, the tablet has been muted. To unmute it, press and hold the volume for a few seconds, or pull down the notification bar and tap on Sound a few times until at least it vibrates. After that, press the volume button and the sound will be restored.

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Last time my tablet did that, I reset it. Not a full-on factory reset, just a turn off, turn on. That worked for me.

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