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My memory card has a 'write protection' lock. How to remove it?

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I have used this Gallery Lock application on my Karbon A21, but it came with a problem. I got my memory card write-protected with this application and I am not finding any solution to format it. When I tried to format my memory card, it just went to recover again. I tried all the variants to clean my memory card but it just went wrong. Please, anyone, tell me how can I format my memory card properly? I've uninstalled and reinstalled Gallery Lock and tried to format it with PC also.

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To remove the lock from your memory card, first unlock all the items and then uninstall the application. This way, the memory card will not have any lock handle applied. The app has a recovery feature. Start the app then go to the settings in the Gallery Lock and select "Find/Recover Missing files" menu. All your items will appear in /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/recover.

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