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Use of fonts in AlphaBaker.

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When loading my fonts into AlphaBaker, it works great and is relatively easy. But most of the fonts I've purchased come in 2, 3 or 4 different sizes in a single file. Say for instance I load the 2" into AB but I really want to use the 4". The 2" will not increase by 20% so I'm not utilizing all the sizes available for the font. Do I create an AB file for each size?

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All the font files have different sizes of the font in their composition. This will help the computer on which the font is installed and the users also to better understand and view the font. You don't need to create a different AB file for every size of the font. By uploading the font file in AlphaBaker, you can use any size of it. However, you need to increase the font size from the program, and not by uploading a different font file with a larger size of the font.

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