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Windows driver package - Auvitek (AuviUADFilter) MEDIA 02/27/2008

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Okay, I'm wondering if this 3GB package is actually being used or if it's just taking up space on my HPMini laptop (Windows XP). Under "Add or Remove Programs" in the Control Panel, I am informed that this program is used very frequently. It should be noted that Mozilla Firefox (which is used 3 times a week) and Avast (used every time the computer is turned on) shows infrequent and rare usage. Should I just leave it alone (it's the current version) or can I uninstall it?

Also, I have five different Microsoft Visual c++ Redistributable (2005-2008) installed on the same computer. I read the description of the software but I have no idea if any programs I have uses them. Control Panel states that these programs are used rarely. Do I need all of them? I don't have them on my Toshiba Satellite laptop (Windows Vista).

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This software is a tool that helps the operating system with the installation of some new software. It is recommended that you don't uninstall it because this could generate running errors.

'Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable' is a set of packages for developing and debugging C++ code. They are mostly installed for standard libraries used by many applications to run correctly. I advise you not to uninstall any of these packages. If you are sure the software does not use them anymore, then you can proceed to uninstall them.

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