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Problems with the live streaming.

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I purchased an iDVR and cannot get the cameras to work. I think the problem is in the "Network" options. The system takes snapshots fine, but will not give me live feed. What can I do?

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Since this is a server application the problems start with its installation and configuration. First step in diagnosing the errors is to carefully check if the Server application is allowed to communicate with Internet. You can check in the settings menu the options used as well as the ports that are required. Most likely, the problem you encountered is related to connectivity. If the server is behind a router, you need to forward the ports in order to access the live feed. It may sound complicate, but in fact it's pretty easy. Just forward the port to the IP used by the server and type the range of the ports or a single one. Additionally, configure it (if you have a username and password) to allow connections for that username and it should work.

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