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Developing a game.

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I recently gained interest in game making. My basic objective is to create a simple game, a resemblance of how me and my friends played when we were little; what we called zombie. So I tried Game Maker, but it was too unfriendly. And now I discovered 3d Rad, it just seemed perfect. So back to the point : I need to make a 3D multiplayer game somewhat like a shooter and will convert your sprite when another player catches you. I would also like to have items like flash-bang, shield, and most importantly a strength gauge that decreases while running, and disables moving when it hits 0. How can I do this?

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Unfortunately, this product is more likely to be used for animations and not game development. According to your description, I suggest that you take a look at Game Develop application. Beside the fact that it's an open source product (it's free to use), on the developer's website you can find a lot of tutorials that will help you in the development of your game.

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