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Viewing results from the Comment field.

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I have a task to look into providing additional results from within a TestMethod and showing them in a modified Test Run Summary Report in Microsoft Test Manager. The desire is to provide more information in the report, especially when a test passes.

My plan was to use the Comment field in the ITestCaseResult interface. I have done some research and have been unable to find a method to update the current test case results. I suspect that the problem is when I am executing code in my test class, the results have not been posted. I am able to view earlier results, but not the ones that I need. Do you have any suggestions?

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I recommend checking the official quick start guide for Microsoft Test Manager. This problem of yours is "isolated" meaning that you're the only one who wants to achieve this. Access the quick start guide to obtain information. Secondly, browse through the available Google Search websites to find additional data about this procedure.

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