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Replacing eduMAKER with this product.

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At my school we have an Unimatic EduCAM60-d/z which uses three separate pieces of software. The 2 1/2D - eduCADaM - works OK. The machine driver - eduMACH works OK from .NCP files. The mid section program - eduMAKER - imports STL files, creates tool paths and exports the NCP file. This I cannot access. Can this 3D GeoCAM proram replace eduMAKER allowing me to resume 3D profile manufacture?

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No. 3D-GeoCam has the ability to open / export STL files, but it seems that it doesn't have the ability to export files to NCP file format. You can use it in your project, but you will not be able to create the required file in order to work with eduMACH. In this matter, I suggest that you search in the Software Informer's database, for a similar application that can replace 3D-GeoCam.

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