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I cannot get this to work.

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I have a new Samsung Admire Android phone, and a new HP laptop with Windows 7. Both are connected to the Internet via my home wireless router Comcast high speed Internet.

I have downloaded the "remote server" to my laptop, and I have downloaded the app to my smartphone and tried to connect it to my laptop, but when I try, it gives me a message that says "This computer is not available". What am I doing wrong?

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Access your router and go to NAT > Port forwarding. You need to define the port to be opened on the router from the PC. For example, if your application is running on port 1234 and its IP is then you'll need to use Port Forwarding to define these values. Restart the router then you can access the PC from the application or enable UPNP in the router's features and everything will be done automatically.

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