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I used Vaio XP recently to restore my Windows and I encountered serious issues. Please offer me some information regarding this matter.

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I recently "restored" my Vaio laptop, circa 2002, running Windows XP. I have problems with reinstalling things like Flashplayer and Adobe PDF Reader. I want to upgrade to the most recent versions compatible with the hardware and XP. Should I reinstall a newer version of XP? Can I upgrade? I can't determine the version of Internet Explore that I have nor the one I should have. I find that "VAIO update" makes the computer sluggish again (reason for restore) so I'm disabling it - or trying to. Where should I start?

Please help.

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The XP your Vaio Restore has is a bit old. Since then new Service Packs were released to fix most of the problems. Installing a new version of Windows XP with the latest Service Pack(3) should fix all you problems regarding Flashplayer and Adobe PDF Reader.

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