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Primavera database problem.

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We are working on Primavera (P7) as a SQL Server, and we are about 5 users only but we are using (Windows Server 2003). We faced a problem that 2 of us have added actual dates duration % complete to a schedule (24,616 activities). After we have finished next day the same 2 users + another user can't see the modifications but another 2 users can see them. Please give us some piece of advice about this problem.

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This is a problem relate to permissions and security rights. You need to open the application, then log-in as administrator and check the permissions of users. It appears there is an error with the users and their rights to see or modify the database. Access Users and then right click each users and check its permissions. One or more of them are locked and don't have permissions to view content after it has been created by other users.

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