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How to fix an installation problem?

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When I open the program it starts installing the program. And after sometime it shows this message: "Error 2330. Setup cannot get attributes for file D:. Verify that the file exists in your system and that you have sufficient permissions to update it." The question is where I can find that file D:. and how I can recover this problem?

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Not 100% sure about the "D" but the sufficient privileges usually happen when the file is opened/in use or you need to be a PC admin to do the action. Restart you PC (will close program) and try to reinstall the program as an Admin.

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You must be an administrator to start the program and setup it. O:-)

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To fix this issue, go to Program Files > Microsoft Office and right click the folder. Select the Security tab and give your username rights to read and write to that folder. Restart the computer and then this issue will disappear. If Windows is installed in another partition, follow the partition letter and then access Program Files.

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