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How does this program organize files?

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In this program there are several options to organize the photos. It does not tell if it organizes them by date of creation or by date of modification. It is important that when you have 2000 photos and need to organize them by date of creation and later to rename them with numbers. Is it possible to do that with the ACDSee?

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The View > Sort > More option allows you to organize and sort your files by date of creation. This is the only filter you can apply.

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There are a very large number of ways to organize the images using tagging, collections and image metadata attributes. The simplest way to do what you ask, is use the list view and click at the top to customize the column headings. You can add or delete columns as you wish, choosing from multiple metadata and O/S attributes. If you look in EXIF, you can select an attribute like "date digitized" to show date and time taken, and then sort on that as you would any column. Different custom column views can be saved,as I do with some for image attributes like lens, date digitized and image size, and other views for video files showing encoding and duration.

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