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Unwanted calls from MyHeritage company.

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Not a complaint but just letting you know that there is a lady who calls on behalf of Herzelf Karen. She is calling us in Thailand to ask if we are getting any matches to our family name. I have never had anyone call us for such a question and after a minute or two she tries to sell us an upgrade on a future backup system. If we agree (and it was only for that day) we were able to purchase this. My husband already got a backup this year, so there was no need to call us. As I did not trust this call, I asked Karen to leave a e-mail and I would get back to it after receiving it.

As the phone call was yesterday we had not got any email, yet. Personally, I am worried about what happened yesterday, because we have never had someone from MyHeritage to call us. The funny thing is that she had a lot of information about us.

  1. Why does someone from MyHeritage call us.
  2. This future back-up promotion was for that day only.
  3. A lot of information about us.
  4. No email sent to us, but Karen said she would do.It's strange that she did not want to send an email, but she wanted to call back.

Please look into this, because I have a strange feeling that someone is trying to pull money out of people. MyHeritage always posts a promotion on the website or we get a e-mail.

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This is known practice among companies to use the marketing scheme to try to sell you other products. These are often called offers, because from the moment you bought a product from them, you automatically become a client, and they have the right to call you at any time for offers. These things are found in the ToS or EULA documents. You should contact them at the following address and explain the situation:

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