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Compatibility with Windows 7.

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I have been using Greentsreet Publisher since 1998 - I think it was originally called "Pressworks". At present I am on the Gold Edition 4.2. Recently, I upgraded my PC and installed Windows 7 instead of XP Pro. After having installed Publisher my system is not happy with the program and when I try to save amendments to files it sometimes tells me I have not enough free space left - although there is on reality 400gb. It is my favorite DTP program.

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Greenstreet Publisher is an application that has compatibility problems with Windows 7. Being old, it doesn't have any compatible patches that can enhance it to make it work in Windows 7, however, there is a way to solve this. You can install VirtualBox then you can set up a virtual machine and install Windows XP. Once you have installed Windows XP, make sure to install the additional VirtualBOX add-ons from Tools > Install VirtualBox Add-ons and then install your application. You'll be running Windows XP virtualized, but at least the application will work normally.

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