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When I open Acer OrbiCam the screen becomes blue with unknown words and the PC shuts down.

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When I open Acer OrbiCam the screen becomes blue with unknown words and the PC shuts down. Why?

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That error is called BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and appears every time the computer encounters a fatal error. You need to update the application to its latest version. Alternatively, try to close other applications while you use Acer OrbiCam because it may be in conflict with other running applications on your computer.

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It seems that you got a blue screen of death on your computer. You can use a tool named Windows Boot Genius to fix the problem. Here are detailed steps:

Step 1: Create a BSoD Fixing CD/DVD/USB

Here you need to utilize a bootable computer to burn a bootable disk. Insert a CD/DVD into your driver or plug in a USB flash drive into the USB port. Then launch this program, and get the interface like below. This software will check the CD/DVD drive or USB drive automatically, and you just need to perform one click of your mouse: Click "Burn".

Step 2: Boot Your Computer from CD/DVD/USB

Then insert CD/DVD/USB into the unbootable computer, and set your CD drive as the first boot device in BIOS. Then your computer will restart automatically and access to the operating system which is burned in the boot disk.

Step 3: Fix the Problem

Then you will enter WinPE system, launch Windows Boot Genius. Go to "Windows Rescue" Option and select the solution based on the symptoms of your crashed computer. Each solution equips with a handful of Windows repairing tools that you can try one by one until your computer works normally.

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