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Changing WinRAR language.

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asked Oct 24, 2010 about WinRAR
edited Jan 30, 2015 by Pete Clapp

How to change WinRAR language to English?

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answered Oct 25, 2010 by Rafupueru (280 points)

WinRAR versions are available in different languages.. u can download English version here ""

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answered Jul 17, 2014

The easy way to change Winrar into English language is not uninstall and install again. What you need to do is just remove 2 files that's all.
Go to C:\Program Files\WinRAR folder remove RarLng.dll and Winrar.lng.

If winrar change English to other language maybe is cause by windows region and language setting. Go to control panel find Region and Language -> Administrative tab -> Change system locale to English.

commented Aug 18, 2015 by Cherwen Molina (100 points)
Hi sir Anonymous,

I did the instructions you said, and I only deleted Winrar.lng and now it's totally 100% percent working. When I run Winrar application, it's now English language. Thanks a lot sir.

commented Sep 21, 2015 by Manjusha (100 points)
Yes..removing winrar.lng itself helped in changing language of winrar to english
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answered Jan 30, 2015 by Pete Clapp (193,030 points)

You can't change the WinRAR language directly from the application's interface, but you can do that if you delete RarLng.dll and Winrar.lng files from (C:) > Program Files > WinRAR directory. If you can't find these files, remove the program from your computer using its uninstaller or Add or Remove Programs feature (Control Panel > Uninstall a program) and download and install the English version directly from the official web page.

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answered Sep 17, 2015

thanks for your answers. it is helpful.
thanks for your answers. it is helpful .

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answered Feb 6, 2016

removed winrar.lng and works perfectly. thank you

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answered Nov 19, 2016

Only delete Winrar.lng file and its work 100%. thanks for this nice topic.

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