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Is it possible to download a 2.4GB file?

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I attempted to download a file that is 2.4GB, and FDM downloaded 2013MB of data, then it simply stopped downloading. Speed is saying 0 B/s. I've tried pausing, unpausing, closed the FDM program and reopened to restart downloading.
I'm running XP Home and antivirus software was disabled during downloading so nothing should have affected or interrupted it. Any thoughts or ideas? I'm guessing 2GB might be some sort of limit.

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No, 2 GB is no limit. I've downloaded a 362 GB file, although it took about six months, without interruptions, and antivirus enabled.

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Sorry, i haven't downloaded 362 GB! It was 3.7 GB. :o :o :o

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There is a problem with the file or the server you want to download the file from because if Windows is installed on a FAT32 partition, the file size is limited to a maximum of 4 GB of data. Anything higher than this value needs NTFS as file system for the partition. Try to use the built-in download manager of your favorite browser. It's possible that the website does not allow to use download managers.

On the other hand, you might want to leave it a few minutes because if you use segmented downloading, the application requires a few minutes to join all the files downloading.

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