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DVD Decrypter splits my DVD in many files.

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I used this program successfully several times, going from a DVD I own to a file on my hard drive that I can then watch perfectly. I was using the default settings, which I believe is "File" mode. I tried another DVD, not having knowingly changed anything, and rather than reading as a few files (one of which ends up being a large, playable video file) it processes the DVD as twenty or so small files with a few minutes on each. There's no file that contains the whole movie. Did I unknowingly change a setting?

I'm trying this in ISO mode right now and if that doesn't work will try it in IFO mode. I'm just a little bewildered at the change. If anyone has any advice on whether I'm missing something or whether different DVD's just process differently, I'd greatly appreciate it. For both backup and ease-of-use reasons, I'm trying get my whole (or most of, at least) DVD collection on a terabyte drive, so I'm going to be doing a lot of this and I want to be sure I'm doing it right.

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From what it seems, you changed a setting. In order to fix the issue, I recommend you update the program using the first option from the Help menu:

enter image description here

After that, restart the application and from the Tools menu select Settings. Open the File Mode tab and then select None from the File Splitting drop-down list:

enter image description here

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