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Using a proxy on Garena.

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How to use a proxy for playing Dota on Garena?

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how to use a proxy for playing dota on a garena

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why my Garena cannot update?

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In order to use a proxy on Garena, download and install Tor from the official web page (use Vidalia Bridge Bundle) and start Vidalia. After you receive the "Connected to the Tor network" download and install Proxifier. After you finish the installation process, launch the program and go to Options > Proxy Settings > Add. Use as address, 9050 as port, and "SOCKS Version 5" as protocol. After that, test the proxy connection using the Check button. If the test fails, right-click the Vidalia icon from System Tray, select Stop Tor and then start Tor again. Make sure that the box next to recently added proxy server is checked and click OK. Launch Garena, log in, click the Game tab and select Dota from the list. After that, exit Proxifier and play the game. If you can't find the game, exit Garena, restart Tor, and start and log in to Garena. Do this until you get Dota in the list of games.

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